There’s a Problem with Electricity, Don’t Panic! Contact Complaints at PLN Service 123

There’s a Problem with Electricity, Don’t Panic! Contact Complaints at PLN Service 123
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The National Electricity Company, or commonly abbreviated as PLN is a business entity whose job is to provide and distribute electricity throughout Indonesia. Seen from its name, PLN is a state-owned enterprise.
Have a responsibility in serving the needs of the community, especially in the electricity sector. However, in carrying out this task, PLN must try extra hard so that customer satisfaction is always maintained.
One of the ways undertaken by PLN in an effort to maintain the quality of service is to issue a call center number known as PLN 123. With the presence of PLN 123, customers can make complaints or get information about the latest PLN services.
Having an important function in maintaining service quality, PLN 123 is a PLN service that must be understood by every Indonesian community. For that, so that you better understand what PLN 123 is, consider the following explanation.
1. What is PLN 123 Service?
As mentioned earlier, PLN 123 is a service from the National Electric Company or PLN in an effort to increase customer satisfaction. With this 123 PLN service, customers are expected to complain about all matters related to PLN services. PLN 123 service also continues to be active 24 hours a day.
Through PLN 123 services, the public can also submit requests for installing new connections, replacing electricity, installing temporary electricity services, and also reporting problems or problems experienced by customers. PLN 123 can also provide information about electricity bills and so on. Therefore, PLN customers do not need to visit the official PLN office for complaints about interference or requests for installation of new electricity lines.
2. How to Contact PLN Services 123
In an effort to improve service quality, PLN has launched PLN 123 services on various platforms. It is intended that the public can easily contact PLN services 24 24 hours.
If you want to contact PLN 123 service, you can use telephone or mobile lines. For telephone users, you can also use PLN 123 service with number 123. While for mobile phone users, only need to add the area code where you live. For example, if you live in Jakarta, use the number format (021) 123. However, contacting PLN 123 services via telephone will incur credit charges. For that, make sure you have enough credit.
Besides by telephone, PLN 123 service can also be contacted through several popular social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook for free. For Twitter users, you can contact PLN 123 service via account @ pln_123, for Facebook social media, PLN 123 service has the name PLN 123. So, you can easily search for PLN 123 service on Twitter and Facebook social media. While by email or electronic mail, send it to the address
In addition to the PLN 123 service platform above, PLN has also launched a smartphone application called PLN MOBILE. Of course, this PLN MOBILE service is quite easy for customers who have smart phones. The PLN MOBILE application can easily be downloaded for free on the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone.
Through the PLN MOBILE application, users can get a variety of interesting features regarding PLN services, including bills as well as a history of prepaid electricity tokens and purchases, can apply for new electricity installations, changes in electric power, and also temporary electricity connection, view information on electricity tariffs and also the latest news about PLN and so on.
In addition, you can also make a complaint about PLN’s disturbance reports through the official PLN website and e-mail. That way, reports submitted to PLN can be immediately known and handled by PLN service 123.


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