Online Passport Extension is getting easier, do it this way

Online Passport Extension is getting easier, do it this way
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A passport is one of the important documents that must be taken when traveling abroad, including when you leave for Umrah and Hajj. There are two types of Indonesian citizens’ passports, namely ordinary passports and e-passports, each containing 48 pages.
The validity period of Indonesian citizens’ passports is a maximum of 5 years. The lack of information about passports makes most people still confused about how to extend passports. Reporting from the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration, passport replacement is usually done if the validity period will or has expired, the passport page is full, the passport is lost and the passport is damaged.
Taking care of an extension or replacement of a passport now is easy. Because in this technological era there have been many advances in the management of passports that have been carried out by the Directorate General of Immigration, including:
Online Passport Service, which is an online queue service system and you can choose the date, time and location of the nearest Immigration office.
Extending your passport can be done at any immigration office even if you don’t live in the same location as the immigration office’s domicile. For example: if Purwakarta’s ID card had to be made and extended at the Karawang immigration office, now it can be done anywhere.
How to Passport Extension
For information, passports can only be replaced (the term has been extended) if it is less than 6 months before the validity period expires, except if you want to change from an ordinary passport to e-passport.
If you plan to arrange your own passport change, you don’t need to worry. Relax, the way is very simple now. You don’t even need to use the services of brokers and pay many times, just save your money for street allowances. Practice the practical steps to take care of the following passport changes:
1. Prepare the cost of replacing a new passport
The usual passport fee is 48 pages IDR 350,000
48-page e-passport fee IDR 650,000
Lost passport expense (per book) Rp1,000,000
Broken passport expense (per book) IDR 500,000
2. Prepare a passport replacement file
Original birth certificate plus a photocopy (Birth certificate can be replaced with an elementary / middle / high school diploma)
Original family card plus a photocopy
Original KTP and photocopy
Original old passport and photocopy of the front & back of the page
Make sure all photocopies must be on A4 size paper, and don’t cut them
Keep in mind that college diplomas cannot be used because there are no parents’ names


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