Once a Little Singer, Now a Career in Politics. Take a peek at Tina Toon’s Inspiring Success Story

Once a Little Singer, Now a Career in Politics. Take a peek at Tina Toon’s Inspiring Success Story
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More and more enthusiastic among artists who want to taste a career as a politician the higher one of them is Tina Toon. He advanced to register as a candidate for the Jakarta legislative candidate from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP).
In order to win, in fact Tina Toon didn’t just rely on her popularity as an artist. He also continued to struggle by going directly to the field, visiting the community, to delivering the work program he made.
Thanks to his efforts and hard work, Tina Toon managed to get as many as 19,484 votes and was declared free to enter the House of Representatives (DPR). On August 26, 2019, yesterday he was appointed as a member of DKI Jakarta DPRD for the period 2019-2024. Tina Toon hopes, with this new career, she can carry out her political activities with trust and bring good things to Jakarta.
Starting as a Little Singer
The owner’s real name Agustina Hermanto is the son of the couple Aan Hermanto and Megawati. Since childhood, he has shown his singing talent handed down directly from his mother who had once joined a music group in Cirebon.
Do not wait for a long time, the beloved uncle, Ana Setawati often invites this woman who is familiarly called Tina to take part in singing competitions in various places in Jakarta. Until finally, Tina won the first time won two singing competitions when it was held at Mal Kelapa Gading.
The effort Omah made to deliver his beloved grandchildren to become a singer did not stop there, he also registered Tina with Papa T. Bob’s studio, which is one of the composers of famous children’s songs. Papa T. Bob immediately gave a vocal test to Tina.
Indeed, the base already has a good voice, finally Tina passed the test and immediately made a few songs by Papa T. Bob. After the song’s lyrics were finished, the songwriter, who was born Erwanda, also took Tina to the recording kitchen. From here Tina began to flap her wings as a young singer who managed to attract the attention of parents and children throughout Indonesia and has several albums, such as Bolo-Bolo (1999), Flush (2000), Goyang Tina Toon (2001) and the Meaning of Bolo -bolo (2003).
As a teenager he continued to hone his singing ability by releasing an album entitled I Love Music (2008). In the album, there are also songs that were created by themselves, namely with the title In My Birthday. Then the following year, he launched his second single which was also his own creation with the title Cinta Malu.
Increasingly bright Tina’s career as a singer is proven, in 2011 he formed a princess band called D ‘Girls. Although in the end this group did not sell well in the market, but already managed to have two singles, namely First Love and Blind Love.


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