Hospital Nurse (Salary can reach Rp1.47 Billion)

Hospital Nurse (Salary can reach Rp1.47 Billion)
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The role of the nurses is very important both to help connect the doctor with the patient, help diagnose the disease, prescribe medication, conduct medical tests and refer patients to specialists. Nurses can work with certain types of patient groups, such as people with mental illness, children or older adults.
Nurses not only work in hospitals but can also be in outpatient centers, nursing homes and doctors’ offices.
Mathematician (Salary can reach Rp1.46 Billion)
Mathematicians are tasked with analyzing data and using statistical theory to help make decisions for both business and government offices. Some work in academics, or do research on the workings of the universe. There are many positions in this field, including programmers, systems or quantitative analysts and data scientists. Careers usually require a master’s or doctoral degree.
Software Engineer (Salary can reach Rp1.4 Billion)
Advances in digital technology that are an important part of the personal and professional life of many people who make this profession on this list. Software Engineer is responsible for creating and improving applications and programs for computers and smartphones.
Coupled with thousands more jobs that require skilled people for this position, the high demand for companies for Software Engineers is expected to continue to increase by more than 30% by 2026.
To be able to work as a Software Engineer means that you must go to college majoring in Technology and Computer Science or coding courses and programmers.
Statistician / Business Analyst (Salaries can reach Rp1.2 Billion)
When businesses and government agencies need help to make sophisticated decisions and solve complex problems, they will look for a statistician. These mathematicians will collect data, then use theories, models, and special software to predict results.
College degrees and master’s degrees are typical for statisticians for subjects such as mathematics, economics or computer science. They can also be specialists in fields such as engineering or physics.
The High Education Background is Still the Main Determinant of the Price of a Profession
Educational background is still the standard most often used by companies to determine what salary is appropriate for the profession. Not only in Indonesia itself, overseas also do the same thing with high education and choice of majors also become the standard in determining the price of a profession.


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