Have Passion in Politics

Have Passion in Politics
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Not many people know, although from childhood to growing up are known as artists or singers, in fact this woman who is known for her neck shake also has a passion in politics. The proof, so far Tina very often participated in various activities in the organization that she participated. His passion is getting stronger considering that some family members are also involved in politics.
Until now, Tina is still in the process of learning politics. He hopes that by becoming a member of the DPRD, he will be able to represent the millennial generation in the struggle and contribute to Indonesia. It also can be an example for millennial to care about education, socialization and political communication.
Strong Passion Delivers Success
It is undeniable, again by having a strong passion can lead someone to achieve success. Although going through a winding road, many obstacles are faced, at least the direction and purpose are clear, so that it can more easily find a solution in every problem encountered. This of course is also supported by a high willingness to learn.


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