Had Icip on the Big Screen

Had Icip on the Big Screen
Tigers Nest, Monastery, Bhutan
This woman who was born in Jakarta, August 20, 1993 was not satisfied if she only became a singer, she was interested in trying to play movies on the big screen. For the first time, Tina worked in a musical theater owned by Rachel Maryam and Dian Sastrowadoyo, entitled Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih. It did not become the main character, but Tina’s role as a magical louhan fish that was swiftly shaking its tail was very good and entertaining.
After that, Tina starred in the comedy film directed by Aditya Gummay, titled Tina Toon and Lenong Bocah in 2004. The film tells the story of a poor little girl, but thanks to her singing talent, she can lead the girl to become a successful and rich singer.
After nine years, Tina returned to play on the big screen Cinta Dalam Cardboard. In the romantic comedy genre film Tina plays as an ex-boyfriend who has a very funny personality.
Higher Education Background
A career as an artist did not make Tina close her eyes with education. Instead, she and her family wanted, besides being a successful artist, Tina also had to be highly educated. While completing her basic education, Tina became a student with outstanding achievements.
After graduating high school, he continued his studies at one of the leading private universities, namely Bina Nusantara or commonly known as Binus with a computer major. Then continue to the S2 level by majoring in law at Tarumanegara University.
Already a pride of self and family, he can always get good grades. It can even hold two titles at a very young age, which is 23 years. Tina also has plans to take S3 in the near future.


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