Example of a Power of Attorney, Here Are the Types and Structure of Writing

Example of a Power of Attorney, Here Are the Types and Structure of Writing
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Every person must have affairs related to administration, whether it’s personal, business, legal, with banking, offices, lectures and so on. But with a solid routine, sometimes a person is difficult to manage his time so that often the business becomes delayed in quite a long time.
If you are currently in a position like this do not need to worry. You can ask for help from others who are known to take care of all your needs. However, considering that some matters relating to this administration cannot be represented, then you need to make a power of attorney that will later be brought by the person concerned as evidence.
Characteristics of a Power of Attorney
Although the letter, in fact this power of attorney is not the same as a letter in general. There are several distinguishing features, among them:
Made as a statement for granting personal authority to others
Use personal data as authorization and complete authorized personal data
Use good and correct Indonesian, from choosing words to correct spelling
The power of attorney that is made must convey information that is concise, concise and clear.
Complete with stamp duty as a receipt for the power of attorney
Type of Power of Attorney
With this power of attorney, of course it is very easy for someone to settle all their affairs. But, there are still things that need attention, one of which is a type of power of attorney. The following types of power of attorney along with examples include:
1. Personal Power of Attorney
This individual brush letter is usually made by a person or authority and is given to the recipient of the power of attorney or another person (sister, brother, or friend) to assist the authorizer in completing his interests. For example, taking documents or goods, withdrawing funds, opening an account, and so on. The following are examples of individual power of attorney:
2. Official Power of Attorney
For someone who will be assigned to the area or out of town to complete a job, there will certainly be a power of attorney created by the company where he works. In addition, this official power of attorney will also be given to employees who want to fill workshops in schools, universities and so on. The following are examples of official power of attorney.


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