Anesthesiologist (Salaries can reach Rp. 2.3 Billion)

Anesthesiologist (Salaries can reach Rp. 2.3 Billion)
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A medical operation process cannot run without an anesthetist. In charge of administering anesthesia/anesthesia, Anesthetists also monitor vital signs, such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, to ensure that the patient remains safe.
Having a very important role in the medical and health fields in a hospital even to the emergency department, Anesthesia Nurses will always be sought and accepted in any hospital.
Dentist (Salaries can reach Rp. 2.1 Billion)
Not only for oral health, but improving one’s vision now also has become a job for a dentist. Handling advanced diseases such as cavities, bleeding gums to repair and repair damaged teeth is a daily job of a dentist. Maybe not in Indonesia, but in big and developed countries like America and Europe, the salary of a dentist can indeed reach up to billions of rupiah.
Dentists can work with other dentists or carry out their own practice when collaborating with dental health experts.
Physician Assistant / Physician Assistant (Salary can reach Rp1.5 Billion)
The doctor’s assistant works closest to the patient, in charge of reviewing medical history, conducting examinations, diagnosing injuries and illnesses, conducting medical tests, prescribing drugs or food, and providing care. As key players in the health care team, they collaborate with doctors and nurses on family medicine and emergency conditions including surgery and psychiatry.
After graduation, these professionals usually get a master’s degree before looking for work in hospitals and doctor’s offices.


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