3 Questions That Need To Be Answered Before Applying For a Credit Card

3 Questions That Need To Be Answered Before Applying For a Credit Card
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Most people have equipped themselves with credit cards to facilitate each transaction, both offline and online. However, not a few people who still do not have a credit card for various reasons. It could be because they did not have the chance to apply or refused to apply for fear of financial conditions becoming unstable. Whatever the reason, it all depends on the needs of each person.
1. First of all, you need to know what type of credit card user you are. Are you among those who are careful when using a credit card or tend to be careless, wasteful, and ignore the small things.
If you are the first type of user, we can be sure that your credit card will give you the maximum benefit. Because, you know which needs and desires so that promos or discounts from credit card issuing banks do not have such a big effect for you when shopping for goods.
Unlike you who belong to the second type. You pay less attention to the use value of an item. While the item is cheap, you will definitely buy it right away without thinking.
2. What are your main credit card goals?
Find out what your main goal is to immediately have a credit card. Is it to ease monthly expenses, meet the hobby of traveling, or just style. If a credit card is only used as a venue for styles to increase prestige, it’s better not to apply at all than you are struck down by debt in the future. Credit cards will only be disastrous which can increase your appetite because you are already comfortable with payment methods when they arrive.
By knowing its main purpose, you can use credit cards wisely. If expenses incurred outside of the main goal, you will think twice to transact using a credit card and prefer cash instead.
3. Can you bear high interest?
Interest set by the issuing bank varies for each user, depending on the price of the item and the term of repayment. The greater and longer the installment period, the greater the interest that will be charged to you, and vice versa. The interest is even greater if your payments are often late and in arrears every month.
If you are able to pay high interest, please use a credit card as a tool for daily transactions. If not, you should minimize the use of credit cards only for urgent needs.


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